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Are you Looking for Conklin Roofing in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

Troyer’s Coating System in Colorado Springs is the company for all of your Commercial Roofing needs. They will come and inspect your Commercial Roof at not cost to you, and they will give you the best option for your commercial roof.

Troyer’s Coating System is a family-owned and operated Conklin Commercial Roofing Company. We are Conklin warranty trained and certified. Our Spray Foam System can turn any old commercial roof into a brand new roof, without expensive tear-offs. Whatever your Commercial Roofing needs are, we have the Solution!

Conklin Commercial Roofer in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs commercial roofer

So your business is located either in Colorado Springs or close by. We all know that the weather in Colorado can be crazy at times. You can have 100-degree weather in the summer or -25 in the winter. With this type of weather, your commercial roof can take a beating.

Your commercial roof is exposed to a lot of different elements. Small issues can quickly become catastrophic if not dealt with soon enough. Finding out your commercial roof is leaking, you start thinking about all kinds of things. Like is my roof going to collapse, how much is this going to cost? No one likes the headache associated with the daunting task of getting up on your commercial roof, and not know what you are looking for. Let’s give the Colorado roofing experts a call Troyer’s Coating System, since they are experienced in commercial roofs. Plus they use Conklin Products.

Did you know that your commercial roof is the most important and the most vulnerable part of your commercial building? Just think about that for a minute. The wind, rain, snow, hail, and the sun’s rays, oh let’s not forget the extreme heat and the extreme cold. Eventually, all of that will take a toll on your commercial roof. Eventually, you will have a leak, or other failures.

Protect Your Colorado Springs Commercial Roof Against the Elements

There are so many environmental conditions that can cause wear and tear along with damage to your commercial roof. Each element has its own Challenges.


If your commercial building is in a windy area, and you are prone to wind gust, or extreme weather like tornadoes, or hurricanes. When these two things happen is can cause gradual or immediate damage to your commercial roof. High winds can loosen the fasteners, weaken the seams, and don’t forget about flying debris that can cause structural damage to your commercial roof.

Extreme Heat/Sun Rays

Extreme Heat

You know how hot it can get in Colorado, and on those really hot days, lasting for days on end. The original protection will wear your roof away. This would be a good time to have Conklin products placed on your roof to prevent any more damage.

The Freeze Thaw Cycle

Commercial Roof Frozen

Being in Colorado you are located in a typically cold climate, a small amount of moisture can infiltrate the seams in a roof, and as moisture expands and contracts with the weather and constant temperature change. This will cause your seams in the roof to widen, and your fasteners to come loose. This will cause leaks, and then damage to the underlying materials, and further damage your roof and expose it to the elements.

Is it Time to Replace or Restore Your Colorado Springs Commercial Roof?


It seems like everyone assumes that a complete commercial replacement roof is the best option for fixing any roof issues. Restorations is often a more desirable alternative. If your commercial roof has fallen into total disrepair, structurally unsafe, then replacement is your best option. Troyer’s Coating Systems will provide you with excellent service for either restoring your commercial roof or replacing it. Contact Troyer’s Coating Systems today for your free inspection and quote.

Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Restoring Your Colorado Springs Commercial Roof


Cost is the number one reason that business owners choose to have their commercial roof restored using Conklin products. By restoring your roof, their are hardly any business interruptions while restoring your roof. By restoring your commercial roof, you will be saving money down the road. You will be strengthening your commercial roof from further damage.

Efficiency– If only 10% of a roof is damaged, it does’t make sense to replace your entire commercial roof. Even though some think that this is the thing to do. By using Conklin’s restoration products on your Colorado commercial roof, you are saving your commercial roof, and money.


Sustainability– Roof restoration when done properly by Troyer’s Coating Systems, can protect your roof against the elements and provide long-term solutions to normal aging. By using Conklin products your roof will increase the lifespan by an additional 10-15 years or longer if it is well maintained.

If you have water that is gathering, and you have puddles on your commercial roof, then it is time to call Troyer’s Coating Systems. They will come out and see what it going on. Pooling water can damage your membrane roof causing problem for you and your business.

The best time of the year to do any type of restoration to your commercial roof is in the summer. This will help to avoid putting anything over the dew or frost. It is so much easier to check for moisture, that can otherwise wind up trapped beneath the membrane and cause severe issues later on.


In Conclusion

Though sometimes a full roof replacement is necessary, being able to use the Conklin products to restore your roof, is an awesome alternative that offers many benefits. Including saving your business money, environmental savings by having a “green” roof. Cooling cost for your air conditioning unit. Fewer future maintenance issues, and by using Conklin products it will extend the life of your roof. Finally, when you have chosen to restore or replace your commercial roof with Conklin products is working the best on whatever type of commercial roof you have.