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While building owners and managers know that solid commercial roofing is crucial, most people take commercial roofing for granted. That is until something goes wrong and the property is damaged. When a building’s roof system starts to fail in one area, the likelihood of other areas of the roof failing also increases significantly. 

When a commercial roofing system starts to fail or leak, water damage to property is sure to follow. Troyer’s Roofing Systems are designed to help you curb your roof problems while saving you time and money. We use Conklin roofing products which have 40 years of development and experience behind them and are among the best in the business of commercial roof repair. 

Not only are the Conklin roofing products top-of-the-line, the company is also a great company and continues to do great work for all its customers. The Conklin Roofing products give you peace of mind in knowing that you’re making the best decision for your commercial building. You can be satisfied with the knowledge that your commercial roof is strong and energy-efficient, saving you money and hassle for years to come. 

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How long does the average commercial roof last?

Depending on the style of roof, on the average commercial roofing lasts between 30 and 40 years. Establishing a plan to replace your commercial roof is crucial to stay out in front of your commercial building’s maintenance needs.

Step 1: Treat Leaks or Other Weaknesses as Soon as Possible

Even if a complete roof replacement is necessary, it is very important to address any areas of weakness as soon as possible. If your roof is showing signs of bubbling or if seams are breaking and loosening, then immediate action is necessary to prevent further property damage from occurring both inside and outside of the building. Does your building manager have a routine maintenance plan in place? If not, consider establishing a roof maintenance checklist. 

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Rusty metal roof in need of metal commercial roof restoration

Below is a list of items that should be completed annually to help protect your roof and squeeze as much life as possible out of your current roof.

  • Remove any loose materials from the roof
  • Get rid of any algae build up
  • Clean drains
  • After heavy rains, check the roof for areas of pudding 
  • Check the underside of the roof for excessive condensation 
  • Check surface for breakage, cracks or missing gravel 
  • Inspect the edges of the roof for build ups

Step 2: Evaluate Your Commercial Roofing Options

Your current roof situation will be a huge deciding factor in what commercial roof option you should choose. If you currently have a metal roof, there are some great options that will help your roof increase energy efficiency. One option for a metal roof is to apply a coating to the roof that protects the metal from the elements and adds years of life to an existing roof. There are some things that have to be considered with this approach and your roofer will go over these with you. One of the things to think about is whether or not the current roof is in good enough shape for this approach to be taken. 

If you’re uncertain about what kind of commercial roofing system you need, Troyer’s Coating Systems can help you find the roof that fits your specific needs. You can contact us today for a free inspection in which we will check your current roof needs. 

There are a number of different options when it comes to repairing your roof. Each option has different advantages, and the best option for you really depends on your goals and what you need to accomplish.  

If you’re looking for a commercial roof what factors do you need to consider?

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Make sure you check into the different types of commercial roofing to find the option that best suits your needs.
  • The current condition of your commercial roofing 
  • Your company’s budget for replacing the roof
  • Options for replacing parts of the roof
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Efficiency of the roof 

If you’re considering a commercial roof replacement, consider reaching out to an experienced commercial roofer. The following process will walk through your roof performing efficiently. You can take each of these steps on your own or you can contact us for a free roof inspection. We will look at your roof’s structure and provide you with information on the best option to repair or replace your commercial roof.

Existing Metal Roof Restoration 

Commercial roof repair in process.

Metal commercial roofing being restored

The metal roof restoration with polyurethane spray foam is a great option for aging metal roofs. It can be more cost effective than a full roof replacement and adds years of durability to your roof. It also completely stops leaks and condensation. The spray foam adds insulation to the building, making the building more efficient. 

Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing 

This fabric-based system with a spray-on coating.  This system is best when the roof surface is bumpy or rough as the fabric is very durable molds itself to these types of surfaces and works well on these types of roofs.

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Spray Foam Polyurethane Roofing 

This roof coating is extremely effective on a variety of applications. It is also very durable and energy-efficient. The Affinity Roof Coating by Conklin is extremely versatile and can be used on metal, membrane, SPF as well as fabric-reinforced roofs. It is a polyurethane coating. The main advantage of a polyurethane roof coating is that it enhances the strength of your flat roof and helps increase the energy-efficiency of your commercial roofing structure. 

Roofer applying spray foam commercial roofing

Membrane Coating Systems

The membrane roof coating is another excellent option that can breathe new life into an old roof and help keep a structure secured from the elements. It consists of a rubberized roof coating system that brings back the waterproof qualities of single-ply roofs while increasing energy efficiency. 

Pitched Roof or Flat

Is your commercial roof a flat roof or a pitched roof? For flat roofs, the Spray Polyurethane Foam System is an effective solution. Pitched roofs will require different solutions. 

Material of the Roof

Metal roofs are visually attractive and are common commercial roofing systems. Metal roofs can be copper, aluminum, stainless steel or stone-coated steel. Tin and lead have also been used in commercial roof systems. Metal roofs are prone to rusting. Once rust has settled in, further damage to the roof can happen quickly. 

Step 3: Create a Commercial Roof Repair Action Plan

Whether your goals are appearance, structure or cost (most roof projects will be a combination of all three), your replacement roof can be done in a way that is in line with all your goals. 

Our roofing systems can help you with your commercial roofing needs. Our work is top quality and we guarantee our work. You can be assured that your new roof will last for decades.


What are the Advantages of Conklin Spray Polyurethane Systems?

Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam System can be an effective cost-saving option for your roof repair. Proper application is very important to the integrity of the structure as well as the durability of the roofing application. The Conklin Spray Polyurethane system can be applied on top of a variety of surfaces including concrete, metal, wood and composite decking. 

It is crucial to have a roofing expert apply the Spray Polyurethane to a roof as getting the application right will determine how long the commercial roofing lasts. Our experts are experienced in applying the Spray Polyurethane Foams on roofs. 

Preparation of Roof systems to Specification

The spray foam system must be applied at least 1 inch thick. Coat the foam surface with the appropriate amount of roofing. 

Another benefit to the spray foam roof is that seams are eliminated. Any seam in a building’s protective surface is a potential weak point. By eliminating seams, the durability of a roof is greatly increased. 

Colorado’s dry climate means that roofs must be able to endure the rays of intense sunshine for extended periods of time. While there may not be much rain and the winters are somewhat mild, there are certainly swings in temperature, especially in the more mountainous regions of the state. 

Step 4: Implement The Plan

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Take action to get your commercial roof repair plan setup and implemented!

The most solid plan doesn’t work until it is implemented. Setting up your commercial roofing application timeline is crucial to success. The steps to implementing your plan are ensuring that your company has the budget allocated from the get-go for the restoration of the roof. It is also necessary to plan on the time of year that is optimal for replacing the roof. Huge, monsoon thunderstorms roll across Colorado during the summer, bringing rain to the plain areas of the state. Late summer is the hottest time of the year in Colorado.

These weather factors will be considered by your roofing company when the plan is being implemented. The optimal time period to address roof issues in Colorado is in the Springtime (March to May) or in the late Summer or Autumn (September to October). Also, consider the nature of your building and how accessible it is to your roofers.  

Troyer’s Coating Systems understands that your company needs to maintain normal operations even while your roof is being replaced. 

We’re committed to ensuring that you and your employees and customers are safe while the roofing system is being installed. 

Do you need a new commercial roof? Can you replace a portion of the roof instead of replacing the whole roof? If so, then your costs will be reduced significantly and there also many other benefits. Contact Troyer Coating Systems today and we’ll discuss your best option.